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Mini Bonfire Candle

Mini Bonfire Candle

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Inspired by campfire vibes and starry skies our mini bonfire candles are your new favorite way to get lit at home or on the road.

Our portable, relightable and long-lasting bonfires are perfect for creating experiences of all kinds—enjoy camping, glamping, tailgating, at the beach or gathering with friends in your backyard, apartment balcony or front stoop.

What makes our bonfires special? They are hand poured with a soy wax base, and scented with essentials oils. Strike a match, light the wood and you’ll experience instant mini bonfire vibes.

And cleanup? Simply slide the lid over the top of the flame to extinguish and let it cool. Boom. S’mores and adventures, anyone?


Experiences to choose from:

Bug Off: Scented with a bug repelling essential oil blend of citronella and lavender. 

Happy Camper: Scented with a Smokey blend of essential oils, creating an environment that’s just like sitting beside a campfire. 

S'more Please: Scented with a chocolate aroma blend that smells just light freshly roasted marshmallows! 

Roasty Toasty: This bonfire is not scented making it perfect for roasting marshmallows on or simply to enjoy the all natural scent of burning wood. 




Please keep in mind we make all products in small batches and by hand  to ensure quality and freshness. Therefore the colours, design and size may differ slightly from photos.

All products are produced in a facility that uses almond and other nut oils, so please be aware of this for those with severe nut allergies.

Please remember to store in a cool dry place

Please read all shop policies and information prior to purchasing!!

We suggest to test on a small part of the skin to ensure this product is right for you as some essential oils can be a tad aggressive for some skin types!!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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