Why Natural?

 All of our products are ALL natural. What does this mean?

While we all want a glowing complexion, shiny hair, and soft touchable skin, if you wouldn’t want to be eating chemicals then why put what you don’t want in your body on your body? Environmental Defence Canada estimates the average Canadian uses more than a dozen personal care products during their morning beauty routine. This adds up to over 100 different synthetic chemicals that we are putting on our body's largest organ (our skin!), before we have even had breakfast! This can cause more damage than we think as we peel, scrub and wash away our bodies natural defences. It's important to find the right balance for your skin. We are here to help! 

The word ‘natural’ gets used a lot, especially in the personal and beauty care industry for that reason here is how we define the word natural to help you make a better buying decision. The ingredients used are ‘found in nature’ meaning ingredients that have been harvested in their original form, or that can be extracted from plants or minerals i.e. beeswax or essential oils. We do not use natural ingredients that have a harmful effect on your body or the environment. This includes ingredients that have been sourced using environmentally harmful processes. In some cases, we will consider using ingredients that are found in nature but are only available when produced to be nature-identical for environmental and sustainability reasons. 

We are happy to get the opportunity to share what we have learned and made with you! 

With love,
From our family to yours