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Cooling Peppermint Foot Balm

Cooling Peppermint Foot Balm

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Cooling + Refreshing with Avocado oil

Our foot balm was designed to respond to the unique challenges of our feet and toes. This incredible product softens the toughest feet and heels with the perfect combination of shea butter, mango butter, and almond oil. While the added peppermint oil will gently cool and energize your tired toes. 

Pro Tip: Make our foot balm part of your bedtime routine. Lightly apply to your feet and heels and pull on a pair of socks. The balm will slowly seep into your skin throughout the night, gently repairing and soothing your tired and cracked soles.  


Directions: Scoop a pea - dime sized amount and warm in your hands. Apply to feet and repeat as necessary. Best when applied to clean dry feet and with dry hands.


Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Mango butter, Almond oil, peppermint and spearmint oil.



PLEASE NOTE this product is temperature sensitive. If you are shipping this product, make sure it is shipped to an address where you can directly receive your package. See our Shipping & Returns Policies for further information.


Please keep in mind we make all products in small batches and by hand  to ensure quality and freshness. Therefore the colours, design and size may differ slightly from photos.

All products are produced in a facility that uses almond and other nut oils, so please be aware of this for those with severe nut allergies.

Please remember to store in a cool dry place

Please read all shop policies and information prior to purchasing!!

We suggest to test on a small part of the skin to ensure this product is right for you as some essential oils can be a tad aggressive for some skin types!!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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