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Fox + Mushrooms Beeswax Wraps - 3 pack

Fox + Mushrooms Beeswax Wraps - 3 pack

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Good for your food! Good for the Planet!

This three pack comes with one small, one medium and one large.

An all natural, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic in the kitchen and on the go!  The average person uses over 2000ft of plastic wrap a year. Make the switch to beeswax wraps to help our planet!

• 100% Natural + Handmade 

• Reusable + plastic free

• Lasts ~1 year - Zero Waste

• Antibacterial + Biodegradable


Ingredients: 100% cotton, Beeswax, Pine Rosin and Jojoba oil



Small - 6x9 inches

Medium - 10x10 inches

Large - 11x14 inches

Extra large - 14x18 inches

How to Use

Warm wrap in your hands by
scrunching into a ball then unraveling. Shape wrap over bowl or snack and seal by sticking wrap to itself and object. Let food cool first.

Do not use with meat.

Avoid contact with heat.

Do not freeze, but the fridge is okay!

Not suitable for use with microwave or oven.

Cleaning + Storage

To clean gently wash with soap and cool water and hang to dry or wipe with a damp cloth.

Heat is not good for your wraps! Hot water will start to de-saturate or pull the wax from the cotton causing it to crack + crumble.

Create the habit! Store on your counter top to remind you to use them! Alternatively simply store in a cool dry place wither folded or rolled up.


Please keep in mind we make all products in small batches and hand cut and wax wraps to ensure quality and freshness. Therefore the colours, design and size may differ slightly from photos.

Please read all shop policies and information prior to purchasing!!

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